Brand Statement

Our mission

To render unique and reliable financial services in an efficient manner and to the maximum benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Asset Manager renowned for consistently delivering superlative returns to our various customers and shareholders.

Our Core Values

We believe that these qualities are key to providing investors around the world with consistently superior returns over the long term.

Reliance Capital Principles

We are steadfast about making the right investment decisions, and never lose our focus on preserving our clients’ capital.

Our clients’ interest is always our priority at all times, so we will always seek ways to enable they win at all times.

We will cultivate a knowledge-based environment that ensures that staff and management are trained to provide solutions to our clients no matter how complex the situation might be.

Our clients are our promoters. We believe they will be satisfied and help promote our business through referrals and this we value preciously.

We deal with high moral and ethical standards with regard to the affairs of our entire stakeholders always all

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is the foundation of our decision-making process. It has contributed not only to our proven long-term performance but to our long-standing client relationships. We are steadfast about making the right investment decisions, and never lose our focus on preserving our clients’ capital. Essentially, we seek to achieve above average long-term results with below-average risk. Our analytical approach focuses on fundamental research – what is a business all about, versus market perception. Our investment strategy is rooted in discipline – this gives us the ability to maintain a long-term view and avoid emotional decision-making during periods of market turbulence or euphoria. As a navigator at sea attempts to mitigate the effects of choppy waters to ensure the comfort of its passengers, we take pride in helping our clients sleep better at night. We limit investment risk of portfolios by seeking companies with very strong financial positions, and whose securities are priced at significant discounts to their intrinsic value. This creates a margin of safety during market declines. Our investment perspective is based on extensive knowledge and insight. We follow a consistent and research-intensive process in our analysis, determining the impact of all critical factors in our decision-making: the global economies, domestic and world politics, liquidity and credit availability, sector and specific security valuations. While we believe that our disciplined approach and conviction sets us apart, we recognize that flexibility and humility are vital when faced with changes in the marketplace. We continually strive to enhance our knowledge and are ready to change course, as needed.

Our Value Proposition

Risk reduction

We aim to reduce risk by creating a pool of savings from a lot of investors and supporting individuals to diversify their financials in different assets. We shall identify and track risks as per past experiences so as to be able to identify and shrink the critical factors that may harm your investment.

Professional analysis

We shall provide valuable guidance in making important decisions related to investments through our seasoned professionals with vast experience and knowledge of how the investment market revolves.

Outperforming the market possibility

We shall aim to consistently offer outperform the market, with a view to give our clients higher than average returns on their investments.

Protection of Portfolio in the market slow down

We shall adopt an investment approach that will continuously offer advice that would protect Client investments during periods of instability and uncertainty.

Investment expertise services

The will maintain a crop of highly resourceful finance professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in handling investments and specalization in certain asset areas like equities of specific sectors, real-estate, etc.

Robust risk management process

Risk oversight lies at the heart of the Investment process. It is inseparable from the search for performance. We pay close attention to identifying, quantifying and analysing the risks attached to our investment process. The Risk Oversight team is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of portfolio’s risk profile.

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